Saturday, 25 April 2015

Recording wow ?

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far, I certainly am. I love Fridays now as it's the guild's dungeon night as I have mentioned. And I love hanging out with them and chatting on teamspeak. It's a highlight in the week really, sounds a bit sad doesn't it. But it isn't. It's just like hanging out with your friends, having a laugh and enjoying our hobby.

Silly me though, I don't have any screenshots because I am typing on my laptop and I have gone to bed. And all my pictures are on my desktop, but oh well I am sure you'll live.

I have started with YouTube again as I mentioned in my last post. And today I had the urge of starting to record some World Of Warcraft. I have always been very hesitant about making leveling videos and dungeon videos etc. Because there are so much of it out there, and it's been done to death.
Also been hesitant because there are so many trolls in the WoW communtiy and I didn't really want the hassle or the trolls that might stop by ruining my moods. There is also this, either you are playing the game and not interested in watching leveling videos or you just over and done with wow. Or you have never ever EVER been interested in the game. But fuck it.

Here is the thing, I am still interested in it. And I enjoy it, especially now with my guild. And I enjoy it even more when I am recording because then I can talk and do whatever. I have a purpose to the leveling sort to speak. So yes I started to record WoW. I made myself a new priest, probably my 15th priest or something. And I hit that record button. I loved it, I enjoyed it, I had tons of fun with it. And I am currently uploading it. And you know what, if no one watches it, I am okay with it because I had fun with it. I forgot my anxiety and all that messed up shit. So that is a super good thing.

I am excited.

I did start with a fully heirloomed character. But I think maybe I should change it up, either level up without them, and just quest, or just record every dungeon once, I don't know. I will see if there is any response at all and see what people say. If people aren't interested I will just carry on with my heirlooms and carry on as I did today, cause even though everything is super easy with heirlooms it can still be fun. But if people watch, and have challenges that they would like to see while I'm leveling, that would be great and I would attempt to do those things. But only if people would watch it. I wont go out of my way to do something and people just weren't even interested in what they suggested, that would just be silly.
I am just happy that I found something fun to do.

Anyways, that was just a short update that I had on my mind and wanted to share before I went to sleep, video will be up in a few hours.

Thanks for stopping by.

Missy / Tine.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Testing my microphone on a game called CrossCode

So my new fab microphone is finally here ! My sexy Blue Yeti. It's huge, but most of you know that, it is a bit awkward finding out where on earth I am suppose to place it when I am playing cause I need to have it infront of me AND not block my screen haha.

Anyways, I love it. It's got a strong sound, and it is 20 times better then my headset. The soundfile is easy to adjust in audacity as well. I am curious as to how it will work on TeamSpeak though, cause I probably need different settings when using TS then when recording with audacity, but I will figure it out.

So I decided I needed to test it. I made a Norwegian vlog first, cause I didn't know what to do in English but in the end I found a lovely demo of a game on Gamejolt.

CrossCode is an action RPG, in a 16bit kind of graphical look to it.

I loved this game, it's really well made, the story is cool, music is awesome and I love the character Lea that I play. It's only two parts as it's not a finished game, but I really hope they get the funding they need to continue on it.

So this is me testing my new shiny microphone. I hope you enjoy, I did.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

This year brought me many new friends.

Celebrated my birthday today, one day before I actually turn 30. We had wonderful weather, sun was shining, ate chocolate cake, the kids got icecream and I couldn't ask for anything else. I got everything I wanted, meeting my family, forgetting about my problems and wonderful gifts - clothes, money and some jewelry for my dress that I am wearing on our national day. (17th of May).

Off to throw ball with my nephew,
I was really happy that everyone invited had the time to come, but when everyone had left, and it was time for me and Eirik to head home, I didn't feel like it. So we took a surprise trip to my father who lives like 10 minutes away from my mom. We drove off to his place and luckily he was home enjoying the sun on his veranda. He didn't have much time for a visit, but we did manage to get a cup of coffee and talk for a bit. It was lovely, I got to see my entire family today and that was all I wished for.

This year has been a hard year for me, with all the anxiety, finally starting to get some treatment. But it has taken me a lot of energy and scary moments to take these steps.

Here is to a better year, a year with more progress and to learn how to deal with my problems.
Here is to all the new friends  I met during the past year, I love you all, as much that is possible to care for someone you have never met. You have supported me, comfort me, you have been here, listened, given me advice and given me a lot of joy and laughter. You are all unique and special people who have gotten a huge space in my heart.

Also a thanks to my new guild Strangest Tribe, they are a part of my new friends, they have given me more confidence in myself. Yes by letting me be me, welcomed me with open arms, making me feel apart of their group - well our group now. I have opened up on teamspeak I EVEN SANG THERE (for 2 sec and it was so bad I almost cried), they have let me try tanking which has given me more confidence also, trying out something I am scared of but actually doing pretty well with. I hope our guild will live for a long time, it's a hobby I love to spend my time on now (gaming,videos,forumstuff) And I hope to have long long friendship with each and everyone of them!

Thank you for a year, that seemed very bad, but actually brought me so so soooo many new friends.