Friday, 31 July 2015

Am I a self absorbed douche?

Here's what I am thinking. Thoughts I have touched on before.
Over the last year I have gotten myself some good hobbies. I blog, I make gaming videos, I vlog, started to draw and we can't forget that I also do play games.

But I got to admit, I want to have that one thing that I do well, I mean very well.  Don't we all wish that?

How can I write this without sounding like a self absorbed douche...

I don't want to become a famous person , that's not what I mean  but I do have a desire to earn myself a decent following, with some descent traffic. Whether it be because of blogging /drawing or because of Youtube. But I know that is something that wont happen, it is not realistic to expect to get a few thousand of followers with blogging anymore, not in this genre, especially not the way I write. Since I write to much random, and too little specifics.

What is hindering me in getting traffic to the blog?
- Not enough content
- Don't write to regularly
- To varied content, not specific enough and to personal
- Bad writer
- Indecisive -  changed blogs a few times, change theme too often

It is probably possible on Youtube, but to be perfectly honest, can I really be a sort of YouTube personality? The slow growth I have been having, may be because of a couple or reasons that I can think of.
- I am not fit for making videos when it comes to personality
- I don't work hard enough, not consistent
- I pick wrong games
- Don't promote myself well enough
- And in the end not motivated enough

But in a way I guess I have reached a goal in some manner. Because of the NBI a lot of people do know of my name in some sense, I do join in on a lot of the blogging activities so I shall not be negative.

But I wish to find that burning desire and motivation, to gather more focus into a thing.
Yes this is all hobbies, this is all for fun. But I want to get more sense of accomplishment. Is that a bad thing?

While these are just thoughts that comes to mind sometimes, I am really interested in finding one thing I want to give more focus too. Not be okay at many things, but good at one thing. That is what I wish for.

So time to sit down, think, write pros and cons for different hobbies and see what it's best for me to focus most on.

On another note, I did a guest post today. I was invited, probably as many others :P heh, but still I was invited to write a post, and I accepted. It's a nice way to get my name around and good practice to write a bit better. It is a new blog but, still, good fun for me.

If the post is good or not, meh, I don't know. I felt it was pretty much "me", in the sense that it's pretty much a post I would write here.

Post is here.
I write a bit about WoW, being casual, and ask if the game has become to casual.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


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