Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Vanilla Minecraft with Missy

Hey!  How is everything with you all ?

I am just making a short post to shamelessly promote my video, because it's suppose to be smart to actually blog your videos as well heh. Yes shameless, but you know :)

I tried some Minecraft a month ago, while I had tons of fun, I found out it was to difficult with the mods I was using so decided to stop making the videos.

But as I really love Minecraft, I thought maybe going back to the start - Vanilla Minecraft, I might actually manage to play hehe. So I started recording yesterday, Vanilla, no mods, no cheats. Just me and the chickens hanging out.

Here is my first day/night, let's see if I can manage to stay alive and get a roof over my head.

Hope you like it, it's around 15 minutes, hopefully I can shorted them down to 10 minutes from the next one. Leave a like and comment if you feel like it. Remember to make suggestions as to what I should do, and I might just do it! (yes ofc I will)

Other then that, everything is going great right now. Finally got my butt of the sofa and cleaned the house, which was about frikking time. Yes, it was a bit bad (ashamed) But now it's really nice around here and I just love getting up in the morning seeing that things are in order and I don't have that guilt hanging over me.

Feel free to share the video, it would help a ton!

Have a nice day everyone ♥


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