Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tiny update for you gang!

Hello everyone. I am really sorry I have been so quiet on the blog. I have been very busy with trying to kick start my Youtube channel again. As I had a 3-4 month break it has taken some work to make new videos, getting in touch with the Youtube gang again, trying to share the love and stuff like that.

Real life stuff.
Well, I have finished my first group in therapy, it all went very well and I think I have learned a lot.

How to explain this, I have learned not to judge, like, I can never know what people are thinking, so I should not assume anything at all. I should rather try to understand, look, listen before I draw any conclusion what so ever. First impressions should not mean anything, there is more to things then the eye can see.
While I have always known this, it's another thing to live by this.
And one of the last thing the therapist said to the group was, try not give a damn so much ( directly translated heh)

I have written all this stuff down before, but I guess the base of therapy is to feed us with a spoon till it sticks :P And while it's not sticking properly yet, I am really far on my way.

In August a new group begins, where the topics and theme is not set. We as a group are going to decided that, so it's going to be challenging and hard. Talking about ourselves is going to be scary, sharing experiences and things that upsets us all is going to be very draining. I expect a lot of tears, some anger and frustration, but that's what we need to get out in order to move on. And I am looking forward to it, and a bit annoyed that I have to have 2-3 months break from therapy!

Yeah, having loads of fun. I am growing slowly but steady. And I find that growing slowly is giving me an engaging group of subscribers aka friends, I have the last month met a lot of new youtubers and they are an awesome bunch of people, much like the blogger community. I am now at 116 subs and aiming for 150 when fall comes. It's a lot of subs, and while I feel it might be an impossible goal, I have found that making a goal, magically makes things happen :P

Right now I am playing Secret of Mana, Penumbra Black Plague and had my first collab with Roo the Kangaroo, playing Diablo 3, which was awesomely fun!

Secret of Mana Playlist
Penumbra Black Plague Playlist
Diablo 3 with Roo

While I am not an expert at this, that would be silly, then I would never learn anything new or grow.... I still have fun with it and think I am improving everyday :) My latest video is a montage of some of my moments which I think is kind of funny! And seem to have gotten some positive responses :) Take a look at what you are missing, bwahah ! That's all folks!


  1. Your video was great, Tine. Loved the Bumble Bee dance :)

    Happy to hear your Theraphy is progressing and that you seem to be liking it. Stick with it.

    All the best.

  2. Thanks :) Yes I actually do like the therapy so far, which is really good! I shall not stop untill they throw me out of there!
    All the best to you and yours too :)