Thursday, 25 June 2015

Not a vlog, but a vlog :P

I made a short video of my walk with Eirik and Nemo. It's not a vlog per say, I don't talk much. More like clips of the walk with some scenery from where I live, the forest, birds chirping :)
It's a bit different from what I usually do, gaming videos.

But I thought maybe some people would enjoy seeing some of the Norwegian nature, it's not the most fantastic scenery you see in Norway, but I count myself lucky to live where I live so I can just take a stroll in the forest and listen to the birds and bugs flying around :)

Hope you enjoy it too! Colors are way more bland then they were in real life, it was my bad camera and filter, so sorry about that.

Music is from FFXIV ARR - Gridania themed, thought it was some nice music and sort of fitting :)


  1. Yess! So tranquil! So picturesque! Lovely landscape, lovely puppy, lovely people!