Wednesday, 10 June 2015

NBI Safari Contest Winners, Yes I am one of those !

Hey everyone, how ya'll doing ?

I am here today to say this :
I WON 2 categories in the NBI Safari contest! What? That is so neat, cause, you know, I LOVE ME SOME SCREENSHOTS!! Go check at Murf's post at the pink link ! DO IT!

My entries that won was:

The Selfie, my trusted lalafell went for the gold medal aight!! You go little mojofell! (ffxiv arr)

While I put these images under landscape, it ended up in a bonus category:

The best non - MMO Screenshot (pics from Minecraft)

This image was an extra:

I did enter another category as well,
Scariest place, but it did not go for gold, our piggie did not cut it! BUT have a look one more time at the lovely picture okay ? :P

Thank you all who participated, voted and just browsed, esp thank you to those who voted for me, because, you made me win and put a gigantic smile on my face. Yes I get really happy for these small things.

And the biggest thanks to Murf / C.T Murphy for making this contest happen, to try and get the blogger community together for something fun. You show such enthusiasm, you are a joy to have in this community, I think we all see you as a dear friend and we love you to bits! You are an awesome and very special person and bring so much to this community of ours!!! Huge hugs! Thank you for spending so much time on this for us all!


  1. I knew you'd put in a strong showing. You always have awesome screenshots. Thanks again for joining in the fun and congratulations on your wins!

  2. Thank you, it's super fun for me as I love screenshots and started blogging with just screenshots =) Really honored as there were soooo many good pictures.

  3. Well yeah, how could I resist really hehe. Thanks for doing this, you put tons of effort into it and it has not gone unnoticed for sure.

  4. oo minecraft is slowly drawing me in - gonna have to give it a good go one of these days

  5. Yeah you should give it a go :) Lots of fun:D