Thursday, 14 May 2015

A day of ease.

It has been an eventful day.
I have for 2 months now complaining about having pain in the lower side of my stomach close to the hip. With my hypocondria tendences I make up all kinds of things that can be wrong instead of going to the most logical reason, which most people do.

I have been to the doctors two times now for different check ups, and I am finally at ease. Even though the test results won't come back for a few weeks I am now pretty confident that I am as healthy as can be expected. I sit a lot on my ass, so I am not the most fit person obviously but medically I believe now, for the first time in years that there is nothing wrong with me.

And OMG what a feeling.
Not to have that worrying nagging voice saying there is something seriously wrong, it is now silent. And I hope to keep it like that for a long time, now all I wish for is that my brother get some happy news about that cyst that has been growing in his back. Hopefully it is just something that can be "easily" be dealt with.

100 Subscribers!
Yeah we reached the goal everyone. Today we finally got the 100th person to subscribe on the YouTube channel, it was actually a familiar face that hit that button, the man behind The Ancient Gaming Noob. Also known as Wilhelm Arcturus on Twitter.

Thank you all for subscribing, I see this is as our channel, well those who watch anyways. I want us to grow together, play games and have fun together. I am so pleased that I have reached one of my goals. It has taken a long time, some people grow super fast, I am not like that. But I haven't gone around doing the sub4sub thing either.

Hopefully I can do a celebratory 100 sub video, not that I know what I am suppose to do with it but ey. A thank you I guess ?

WoW - Strangest Tribe
I have for a while now waiting for a spot in a leveling team. We have groups of 4 people without heirlooms who level together. It is hard, harder then you would expect, people are squishy, we lack dps because we have one person less and no OP gear. And I have finally gotten a spot into a group.
I got my first testrun today and we had loads of fun. So happy I can take part of this.

You get that feeling of doing it vanilla style, so hard. You have to use crowd-control and pull very carefully.

We call our self Team Selfie

So yeah I just wanted to share some happy vibes with you all.

I am still going with my leveling videos from WoW, which I am starting to edit a bit more from now on. I realize it's a bit tedious watching so long videos. But it's hard to cramp in stuff. But yeah I shall make those shorter.

The same with Secret of Mana. From episode 5 I am editing out a lot of the grind, and just keeping the story and boss fighting, with a few trash packs to show off some of the "dungeons".

Let me know if you want me to do anything on the channel. I can do something with face cam again soon, just need to find a sweet game that can fit with using a cam. I think mostly horrors fit with that. I am not that expressive I think, but I do scare easily :D

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