Saturday, 11 April 2015

Team Awesome - Strangest Tribe

Hi gang, how are you ? I'm currently sitting here with my cup of coffee itching to write something, guess it is the caffeine giving me whatever caffeine gives.
Waiting for my bagels that's in the oven so I can eat breakfast before me and Eirik start our workout. I am dredding the workout, I've been sore since last time we worked out but I should be ready for another session now.

Yesterday we had our lovely 5man heroic night. We went to Skyreach first. It was the first time for our DK but we did pretty well. The DK even got his Ready for Raiding achievement that you get on the first boss, where you have to avoid all the winds. That's pretty good considering he had never been there not even on normal mode.

It all went pretty well till the 3rd boss, that stupid bird that spawns fire adds and spews quill's like a mothertrucker. We didn't wipe but all our dps got blown to pieces by them lovely birds. So me and Kryllie had to try and deal with the rest of the boss, I think it was 35% or something it was at when our lovely damage dealers died from an explosion. So Kryllie (priest) had to kite dem birds around like a track runner or perhaps more like The Flash. She ran and ran hehe, we thought we were going to die when the next Quill spell came, but I managed to slow the birds down with my kegs, and kill of a few so she didn't have to avoid that many. But they kept spawning while I was trying to dish out some damage on that damn big bird.

It took a few minutes of stress, running, spamming cooldowns and trying to stay alive while the Kryllie just had to run around, all she could do was give me a shield and keep running, while I had to try selfhealing and using all my absorbs and avoidance spells. Luckily I was on a monk, they are too damn overpowered hehe. So eventually my Touch of Death finally lit up and I could finish the boss off.

It was very exciting, and we were super happy when the boss finally died because we were pretty sure it was a wipe, but somehow it died.

Rest of the dungeon went without any issues, team Awesome Great Balls conquered Skyreach!

We then ventured to Upper Blackrock Spire. I hate that dungeon, so many mobs and the last boss is just horrible, HORRIBLE!

But we had 2 engineers, so the first rooms went pretty well, we could controll all the cannons, we managed to kill all the banners the mobs dropped down and we didn't get extra packs when killing them off which made life a lot easier.

We met up with the first boss. Everything went smoothly till around 30 % again, and we got overrun by lightning around the platform the boss stands on. We had to click 4 of those electrical things and we lost our damagedealers. So me and Kryllie was left with trying to click those damn things. Yet again we stood there, stressing our balls off (yet neither of us have balls?!) It was a little nervewrecking only being the two of us left, but somehow the boss went down once again. Notice we had not wiped yet, even though we had some close calls.

We cleared our way to the last boss without much hickups, it all went pretty good, with careful pulling and positioning. No need to rush and overpull, makes for a better experience. While we didn't really use CC we made sure to be careful.

Last boss, horrible, to many dragons spitting flames, and boss doing whirlwind. And I felt sorry for Kryllie our healer, because it was an all melee group. I know from experience that an all melee group sucks to heal, espesially on bosses that has things like whirlwinds. To all our surprise we didn't wipe here either. Even though many of us had not been there on heroic, it went down with only one death and dungeon was cleared. We were really happy about this, especially me because that last boss can be really annoying. Team Awesome Great Balls did it again. UBRS conquered.

Last dungeon we did was The Everbloom I think, can't recall the name. Matkal (DK) had to leave so Lightbloom came to take his spot. Lightbloom went healing spec and Kryllie went shadowpewpew.

To be honest, this dungeon went without a hitch, no deaths, full clear. The second to last boss did bug though so we had to kill it twice which was wierd, but that didn't matter, we could kill it twice if thats what she wanted.

It was a fun night with many laughs, I think we all had a very good time :)
Tonight is raidnight, but we have very few signups so I am not sure what we will end up doing, but I am sure it will be fun no matter what, these people are so enjoyable to hang out with that we could just sit in an inn and still have fun.


  1. We did some great runs last night, thank you :-)

  2. Congrats on all the Herioc Runs. I haven't set foot in any of them yet. I might get round to it at some point, but not yet. Sounds like you're in a fun guild.