Saturday, 25 April 2015

Recording wow ?

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far, I certainly am. I love Fridays now as it's the guild's dungeon night as I have mentioned. And I love hanging out with them and chatting on teamspeak. It's a highlight in the week really, sounds a bit sad doesn't it. But it isn't. It's just like hanging out with your friends, having a laugh and enjoying our hobby.

Silly me though, I don't have any screenshots because I am typing on my laptop and I have gone to bed. And all my pictures are on my desktop, but oh well I am sure you'll live.

I have started with YouTube again as I mentioned in my last post. And today I had the urge of starting to record some World Of Warcraft. I have always been very hesitant about making leveling videos and dungeon videos etc. Because there are so much of it out there, and it's been done to death.
Also been hesitant because there are so many trolls in the WoW communtiy and I didn't really want the hassle or the trolls that might stop by ruining my moods. There is also this, either you are playing the game and not interested in watching leveling videos or you just over and done with wow. Or you have never ever EVER been interested in the game. But fuck it.

Here is the thing, I am still interested in it. And I enjoy it, especially now with my guild. And I enjoy it even more when I am recording because then I can talk and do whatever. I have a purpose to the leveling sort to speak. So yes I started to record WoW. I made myself a new priest, probably my 15th priest or something. And I hit that record button. I loved it, I enjoyed it, I had tons of fun with it. And I am currently uploading it. And you know what, if no one watches it, I am okay with it because I had fun with it. I forgot my anxiety and all that messed up shit. So that is a super good thing.

I am excited.

I did start with a fully heirloomed character. But I think maybe I should change it up, either level up without them, and just quest, or just record every dungeon once, I don't know. I will see if there is any response at all and see what people say. If people aren't interested I will just carry on with my heirlooms and carry on as I did today, cause even though everything is super easy with heirlooms it can still be fun. But if people watch, and have challenges that they would like to see while I'm leveling, that would be great and I would attempt to do those things. But only if people would watch it. I wont go out of my way to do something and people just weren't even interested in what they suggested, that would just be silly.
I am just happy that I found something fun to do.

Anyways, that was just a short update that I had on my mind and wanted to share before I went to sleep, video will be up in a few hours.

Thanks for stopping by.

Missy / Tine.


  1. Glad you're having fun! I subscribed to watch your videos later. :D Sadly, I can't really watch YT videos at work (my big feedreader/podcast time), but I will find the time to watch yours, because I love them! ^_^

    Plus, I haven't played WoW since they implemented LFR in Cataclysm and would love to see everything that's changed--plus all the content that followed from Cataclysm!

  2. I watched one of your videos earlier today actually, I saw it on Anooooook :) And subbed to you <3 First few videos there is questing, then its dungeons and pvp. Not sure what to do next, if I should quest more or do more dungeons. I shall do more questing and stuff in pandaria + wod for sure, so you can see :)

  3. I link all of them to Anook. I saw you subbed, thank you! <3

    I've loved watching it all so far. :3 So do what you enjoy! Though seeing some of the quests and such I missed would be fun. ;)