Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Thoughts and Questions

I have been by my blog a few times today, wanting to write. My fingers are itching to type, I got a laptop a few weeks ago when I finally got some money and I love typing on it. I also love blogging, but the issue is that I am blank today.

I am feeling very restless, I have tried playing a bit of WoW today, but only done the Garrison and the lfr's and now I am sitting here watching Castle on PopcornTime as we had 2 seasons to catch up with. I don't feel like playing at the moment, maybe I need to try a single player game or something. Or maybe practice some drawing, I don't know.

You know, I always think about my readers when I write something, and often I feel like I am blogging in the wrong way, because this is suppose to be a gaming blog. But the more I blog the more about me it becomes. But this is me and my blog so I GOTTA STOP THINKING SO MUCH.

Friday is my next appointment with DPS where I shall figure out the group I am attending, I am not panicking about that yet, I have decided that Eirik is joining me on that session. I usually blank out a bit, forgetting what to say or having a hard time listening. So Eirik will join to help me say what I need to say, and to help me with the decision about groups to join. Thankfully I am allowed to have a person joining me on one session, I originally declined the offer but I think it will be good to have Eirik with me for one session, he knows me very well, almost better then myself. I have written down a lot of notes though so I shall come prepared.

I am also curious as to see what sort of diagnosis this person will give me, if he agrees with my old diagnosis or not,.I did fill in some forms, that my old physiologist went through with me also, so I am just a bit nervous to see if it's still the same or if it will be different now. That would be really weird though, if it was different.

Bad eating-habits.

I am having a lot of issues eating these days, I hardly eat and I am getting a bit worried about that. I don't like losing weight as I am almost underweight, but the food just don't tempt me. I have had weird eating habits since I was a teenager, sometimes only eating a meal a day - lasting a few weeks, then I start wanting food again and eat normal for a while. This has been on and off, and I am in one of those periods I have a hard time eating again. This is most likely linked to my stress levels and stuff like that, but it is really bad for my body to go around hungry but not managing to eat.
I hope I can figure out a solution to this soon.

Norwegian blog?

I have been thinking a bit about making a Norwegian blog on WordPress, to write a bit in Norwegian, and sharing some of this stuff. I am just not sure if I should and if it's any point.

Thing is, that would be kinda scary for one, it would feel even more personal. I would link it to people I know, but if I would do that, I become more "public" and it would be easier to find me in terms of thinking about jobs and things like that. So it might be a really stupid idea, but on the other hand it would be nice to actually share a bit about me to the people who knows me, so they can understand me a bit more. Right now people I know hardly know anything about me, except my family. Meh I don't know, I guess this is just something I wanna think a bit more about.
What are your thoughts about it ?


How do you make up topics for your blogs guys'n'girls? 
Do you go around with a notebook, writing down different words, do you brows other blogs to get ideas ?

I have a long lists of blogs on my blogger which I go through everyday, because they interest me of course, but also to get some ideas. But I rarely find a way to actually respond to any of the blogs, or give me any ideas I can work with. For one, the bloggers are better at this then me, second, they write about a lot of topics I have no idea about. So I just wonder where you guys find your inspiration and ideas from.
As you know, my style is mostly just opening an empty page and start writing, hoping something wants to be written down, but that don't always work.

How do you like your blogs?

Weird question perhaps, but how do you like the blogs you read to be set up? Short posts? Long posts? Facts? Lots of photos? Personal or just gaming related?

This is not about me wanting to change how I blog at all, I am just curious as to what you enjoy in your blogs. 
Describe what makes a blog interesting for you!


  1. With the sessions, my counsellor had me bring things. Sometimes it was hour-by-hour diaries, or positive journals or things like that. But yeah I had a little notebook so if something, ANYTHING, came to me in the week, I wrote it in there so when I got to her I could go through it with her because I always go blank otherwise. Maybe some of this might help you? :)

    As for blogs.. If an idea comes to me, I save a draft. Mostly I try Bel's method of sitting down and going through my recent activities, stuff important to me. My approach is kinda journalistic. Occasionally I get inspired but rarely.

    I like reading short-ish blogs, or blogs with sections and images to break up text. I can't do wall of text blogs. And I like them to have a personal touch, whatever the subject matter. It's all about fun and people, for me!

  2. Personally, I enjoy well-written walls of text, but that's because I'm a weirdo who writes giant paragraphs. Otherwise, I prefer digestible, bite-sized posts that cover one or two really interesting aspects of a particular thing. I really appreciate pieces on things I'm not interested in if they tell or show me something cool or fascinating about it.

    You might think about keeping a journal in your native language if you don't already. Undoubtedly your audience would be quite different if you were to publish a blog in Norwegian but you'd be able to communicate in a very personal way. You could start small and expand (or not) as you feel like it. I guess the main question to ask yourself is: do I think writing a blog in Norwegian would help me? You could always set it to private and then invite specific e-mail addresses to read it.

    I come up with topics for my blog organically. I just let stuff float around in my head until I think there's enough there to write something about it. If I know quite a bit about it already, it's easier to just type everything out; if I have to do research on it, it's painful and takes longer to publish. If it's something I'm interested in or passionate about the words often flow out of my fingers seemingly faster than I can type them. I try very hard not to force anything out and even when it's something I'm not terribly pleased with in terms of engagement I'll typically take the time to polish it by putting a thematic or comical spin on it so that it's not entirely uninteresting. After nine months of practice and the baptism by fire that was Blaugust I have a fairly good handle on being able to publish *something* on a regular basis.

    But don't publish if you don't want to. Really, that's very important.

    Wait until you have something to say, like you did today. Your blog is called "Confessions of an Anxious Gamer." Your post today was a confession, so when you write about yourself you're actually doing exactly what your blog's name says you're going to do. (And you don't need to change the name of your blog - it's already perfect.) What I got from your post today is that you need to "tank" DPS in order to heal. See? That sounds like gaming to me.

    Wish I knew how to get you to eat. I'm 5'11" (1.8 meters) and just over 150 pounds (68kg) which is 17 pounds over the threshold for being underweight. It's not that I don't eat - I guess I just don't eat enough high-calorie food or I'm too active or stressed out. I think if you can address your internal stuff - like me with being stressed - your desire to eat should follow suit.

    Maybe you should cook yourself more pizzas? Just don't let Nemo eat them.

  3. I've come to enjoy a wide variety of blogging styles. Some are very personal, some are detached and dry, some have a mix of facts and entertainment. The only blogs I don't like are ones where I don't like the personality of the blogger. Sometimes that is shown in their blogging style, sometimes they might have interesting style but I just don't like them.

    As for your eating problem, maybe a short-term solution to prevent you from losing too much weight is to try making smoothies with a variety of foods that will help to keep you nourished. You can sip on it during the day even if you don't feel like eating solid food.

    My blogging inspirations (apart from my steam challenge series) are usually just triggered by something I read on another blog or twitter or news post. Just some word or phrase that sends my mind off into strange places. I also tend to be drawn in to debates about stuff, like the role of developer-led stories in MMOs. That can lead to blog posts too. But I am easily worn out by writing, so my posts usually take many days to write and I can lose focus over that time.

  4. To answer the topic question I just blog whatever floats to the top of my head. I don't question it, I just go with it and this way writing whatever I'm writing just feels more natural and I end up writing way too much stuff. It's how I do stuff and while I don't have a super big audience it works well enough for me.

    Also do the Norwegian blog thingie. I'd go check it out just to try to make out a few words :)

  5. It's screen reading. If text is on a screen, it needs to be in short bursts. I struggle with my Kindle, too, despite it being one of the old Paperwhites (Kindle 3).

  6. Heh, yeah I've noticed that I am unable to read for quite as long with a Kindle than a book. Weirdly, I don't seem to be affected by computer reading, as long as it is on a full-size screen - I can't handle phone reading for long.

  7. Yeah, a lot of people are fine with it. I'm a little jealous. :D

  8. Sounds like you blog like I do :) Even though I question myself sometimes though :D
    I actually made a blog just now, to test the waters.

  9. Thanks for sharing how you do things, it's nice to see how others do it, to maybe get some inspiration.

    As for the smoothies, that is actually a very good idea, to make smoothies and juices. I actually have a blender and a juicer so I shall try that ! :D

  10. Hehe I try to make pizza once a week :P
    I usually have something to say when I write blogposts, but I don't always know that until I start typing.

    Tanking dps to heal, you little clever mesmer you ! ♥

    As for the norwegian blog, yes I feel I would get something out of it, sharing my experiences with people, and as you say I will have my own voice which is easier then my english voice. I decided to try an make a post earlier today, and it seemed to have been met with a lot of support and friendly people :) So thank you for your advices, as always Mesmer.

  11. I don't always blog every day, and sometimes it's not as timely as I want (for instance, blogging on a Thursday about stuff I did in games over the weekend). But the way I come up with topics is usually sharing what's on my mind--whether it be real life or gaming. Some entries are short and sweet, and other entries are full of screenshots and my reactions to things.

    I think one of the biggest things I enjoy writing about is my experiences as I play a game. I'll take screenshots and write notes if I'm out adventuring or questing to share what I enjoyed, or what I was working on. It helps the creativity flow, because I'll think about something else as I'm writing and get a Draft post about it set up. I sometimes have a lot of Draft posts and sometimes I have no idea what to write at all.

    Regardless, it's your blog, so write what you feel comfortable about. :) The biggest thing I've learned as I've gotten back into blogging this time around, is that I need to write for me, not for hits, or the topics I say I'm going to cover. But for whatever makes me comfortable and wanting to blog some more.

    Some folks share artwork. Others share RP session shenanigans. Others share short stories they've written. And some folks just go to town with reviews. And they're all completely valid blogs. :)

  12. Thanks for sharing your bloggingways :D Pretty similar to my own way, I take a lot of pictures to help me remember things I do while I game and then I can write about it later :)