Monday, 23 March 2015

The wind

Today was an incredibly nice day to get out and take a walk.
The sun was shining, the wind was warm. 
I opened my hands and felt the wind go through my fingers, it was actually incredibly nice. Just like when you were little and stuck your hands out the window of the car when Mom or Dad drove. 

I imagine I looked pretty silly, walking along the road, spreading my arms and fingers out in the air, but pff, it was enjoyable.

Something we talked about in the therapy session I had, it was to get out more.See, smell and feel nature around you. And after that I have begun to try to feel and see some more of what's around me, not just looking down onto the ground. 

So to feel the wind around me, was quite special. We are so accustomed to it, it's there all the time, but to stand in it and feel it, take notice of the wind was incredibly nice. 

That sounded incredible weird. But it is true.

When we got home I found my camera and thought, how can I take the picture of the wind? Well this was the result. A scarf mom made ​​me, that flew in the wind.

Tomorrow is a new meeting with the therapy group, I'm starting to become nervous again now. But it is not unnatural. Everyone is nervous about something sometimes, it is completely normal. 

The bit that has surprised me a bit is that I've been looking forward to the next meeting as well, not right now, but before the weekend I was looking forward to the next meeting. Might have something to do with that I've started to become quite restless because I'm going through some changes. My body is letting me know that it is ready to change, *thumbs up* 

Alright, now I must find something that can keep me distracted so the butterflies are not eaten up by anxiety and panic. 



  1. That is beautiful - I am so happy you went out and saw things. Where I work its really pretty and I am always aware of the birds and crows and squirrels. I smile about it.
    So try not to be to anxious and nervous - you'll be fine.

  2. Aww you are lucky to have a nice view, there are to many people stuck in a booth of somesort and all they see are walls. Or stuck in a huge building seeing only other huge buildings.

    That was one of the nice things of working in a kindergarden, all the time spent outside.

  3. Beautiful photo! Good luck in therapy today. I think your therapy sounds fabulous, and would be something that would help me, too. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you ! All went well on therapy as well!

  5. I love this feeling as well. My favorite relax activity was always riding my bike as fast as I could just to feel that sensation