Monday, 30 March 2015

The Strangest Tribe Zombie Run

Sunday means event night, and tonight we had ourself a little painful race.
We all made our selves a little undead and gathered at the starter zone of the undead - Deathknell. The leaders had made a guild for us and called it The Running Dead, as we couldn't make a raid, we made small groups instead and used guildchat + TS to communicate.

Our race was from Deathknell to Wyrmcrest Temple Inn.
The planned route - yet I doubt anyone actually used the route this image tells, some went through the water, some got lost, ALL got killed multiple times.

I did not time it, but it took at least one and a half hour before everyone was at the finish line.
I did actually record the whole thing, but since I was on my laptop I forgot to fix the settings on the recorder, so it all ended up as a blur, such a shame because the start was pretty epic. I will see if I can sort it out in Vegas on my desktop later.

The race was a pain, I died 11 times ! Some damn mob killed me 5 times in a row even though I tried ressing as far away from it as I possibly could, it had a horribly long range. But once I got to Grizzly Hills it all went much better. I could hear people on TS struggle, there was swearing, TONS of giggeling, a lot of question "Where am I, Where are we going ? Look out dear, a WOLF!" I think a lot of people wanted to burn their character mid race :P I know I got a bit frustrated at some point.

And then I could finally see the finish line, the Wyrmcrest Temple was in my reach!

I was so close and then this mob came out of nowhere and killed me. But that didn't stop me, I was so close to the finish line, so I went to get my body, got up on my feet and ran into the inn and bowed to the innkeeper!!! Yay finishline. I could kiss the ground I stood on, in relief, because that was a painful run, but also fun :)

But I wasn't first! I was second :D I never thought I would manage to get there second with all my 11 deahts, but I did. The first person got there some minutes before me with 12 deaths, he was super fast.

Matzombie got there before me and was greeted by one of our leaders who was waiting at the finish line. So congrats to Matzombie, you are the WINNER! As for our prices, we are going to get them in the mail, so I haven't checked what it is yet. But that doesn't matter, the run in itself with fun people is award enough.

So thanks again for the effort you all make in this community, I had a blast. I was almost going to decline the even tonight because I had a lot of anxiety issues today, but the race helped keeping my mind of it and I am glad I went.


  1. Really glad you had fun and grats on your second place! Glad the race helped...there's nothing like dying multiple times to help escape RL, huh? ;-) Seriously though, I'm really glad you came. We all became something bigger than ourselves tonight.

  2. Think most people had fun, I was surprised we had so many joining in. That was the real pleasure that so many wanted to take part :) Not easy to get people to participate in such events always so it was a happy surprise.

  3. That looks like a really fun / funny event! Thanks for sharing Missy! :D

  4. This looks like it was bunches of fun!!! :D :D I want to try to set up an equivalent for my guild in WildStar, now. :)