Saturday, 28 March 2015

Strangest Tribe - Dungeon Night

Strangest Tribe - My new guild.

Yesterday we had the 5-man dungeon night. One group did HC's and my group did normal runs.
I am not level 100 yet, so normal is what we did, there were 2 hunters as well that had not reached that awesome number 100 yet so we teamed up, and we had the company of 2 level 100's as well to fill a guildgroup.

Anyways, we spent the night doing the three first normal dungeons of WoD -Bloodmail Slag Mines, Iron Docks. Auchindoun.

This is a social and casual guild, with experienced and unexperienced players, so having 5man dungeon nights is perfect for people who want to learn the ropes, in a safe and cosy environment. While I have seen these dungeons my fair share of times, doing them with these lovely people made the experience something else. It was fun, great fun.

We took our time, we waited for each other, we stood still and had a talk, there was singing involved, a few accidental pulls of mobs - I managed to roll my monk into a few packs hehe. Yeah sure we did have 2 people at level 100 and it made it all a bit easier, but that doesn't matter. Some hadn't seen all the dungeons yet, and it was a new experience for them, so it was fun for me to see them experience it for the first time.

I got to tank 3 of the dungeons which was fun. I took my time, I was unsure about the pace they wanted, and I didn't want to steamroll the dungeons because there were new people. So I found a relaxing pace, much slower then what I would have done in a pug, but it was nice. It felt good to be able to slow down and enjoy the dungeon. Usually these days we just speedrun so fast you don't even get to look at the mob before it's despawned.

I was unsure if I could enjoy going at a slow pace,because I am a person who can be a bit impatient, but actually I had more fun doing it in a slower pace and waiting up for the people behind me who were skinning or looting, then I have had in a long time.

I think I came to realize that it's not about the content really, it's not about doing the newest thing WoW has to offer and getting that super shiny ILVL purple. It's aaaall about finding the right people to do it with. I have always said it, it's about the people, but this time I do mean it.

Yes I have played with a lot of nice people in my wow time, I have met friends for life, been in so many guilds that were awesome, But that doesn't mean we were in-sync with each other and  in how we game. I guess this guild have found very like-minded people who are a perfect match for each other in how they want to play the game.

I mean, we are going to raid eventually, but we are going to start with MoP content. And you know, a year ago I wouldn't be to eager, old content? BLEH.

But today, I am so excited. We get to see the content we want to see, when we want to see it. It's like I have found a little bubble in WoW I can live in, and just play everything for fun. For me it feels like whatever content we do, IS the current content and whatever everyone else is doing outside the guild  doesn't exist. I'm not sure I am able to express this feeling and the thoughts I am having.

The thing is, MoP content, is steamroll for most people now, but since our guild has so many different levels of players in experience, MoP might lead to deaths and retries. And that excites me, to see the newer players learn, to see them get excited when things die, to be happy about progress and getting confidence in what they do. Being happy about transmogs they might get, or someone saying - is that an upgrade for me ? No, No it isn't but it will make you look reaaal pretty hun ! And then we will giggle on TS.

I feel like I am in Vanilla again. It's been a pleasure getting to know this new community, and I am looking forward to the day I can enter Mogu'shan Vaults with them.

And I hope the leaders will be able to continue the great work they do with being picky about who they chose to be apart of the community, it's thanks to them that this place is what it is.

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