Monday, 16 March 2015

Spring is here

Spring is totally here!
Went and visited Eirik's dad yesterday. We sat in the sun all day, we got served a nice BBQ meal.
And I remembered to bring my camera with me. So picture spam is incoming!

Flowers are popping up

This was the bravest bird, only one who came to eat while I sat there waiting

Just a random photo, on the right is the guest house.

The Sun in peaking through the tree

It took some time for the cat to warm up to me, but he did show off for me


"What you want, Tine?"

"Got a treat,Tine"? Believe it or not, he is called Tiny, but he is a huuuge working horse.
That's about it, not in the writing mood, but in the sharingmood, so hope you enjoyed some photos of spring in Norway :)


  1. I wish I had spring, we had about 15cm of snow fall during the weekend.

  2. lol, it will come!! IT WILL! ♥

  3. Just one thing. It's not Spring until March 20th :)