Friday, 13 March 2015

Norwegian blog up and running!

So I made up my mind, and I started a blog in Norwegian! And it went pretty well, my first blogpost got a lot of positive comments and support. I even heard from people I haven't seen in ages. So I am happy I took the step!

I must say it went better then I thought. I only have 108 followers on my main facebook page, so it seems a lot of people wanted to take a look. 
Now this wont happen the next post I make obviously, but it was nice to see people was curious and supportive non the less! And it was a real joy for my to type in my own language. Have no fear though, I am not abandoning this blog, this is my pride and joy sort of speak :D

The new blog looks very simple, I really like that.

And I chose the free version of wordpress for this blog, so I have some variation from the two blogs and so I don't get confused.

Tomorrow is my meeting with DPS so I am sure I will give you an update tomorrow !

That's all I had to share today.
Hope all is well.



  1. I'm glad you started up a new blog for yourself! I hope it gives you the support you need and deserve. :)

  2. thanks chestnug, have a nice weekend ♥