Thursday, 5 March 2015

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Been a few days haven't it. I have been busy playing Guild Wars 2 with my other half. He bought the game as I mentioned and has played it ever since. We have tried a couple of classes, he has tried Necromancer and a Ranger. And I have been playing a Mesmer and an Engineer. Points at pictures.

Eirik wanted a scary Necromancer at start, but I can't say it looks very scary, this picture cracked me up. Here I am on a warrior actually, but I quickly decided not to play it and ended up on the Mesmer for a while.

Eirik is currently pet hunting on his Ranger. Everywhere we go he is like "IS THERE PETS HERE?" And often there is, I didn't realize how many pets the ranger could have, so he has started getting a nice collection already.
Ranger and Engineer :
Seems like he is really enjoying his time in the game right now. I don't know how long it will last though, he usually plays games very intensivly and then grows tired of them. Sounds familiar I guess :P

The good thing about us playing together is that we focus on the pve the world has. So we have been completing maps and doing all the hearts. So I have seen a lot of things I have never seen before. Like the Pig Heart, what an awesome heart that is. I have spammed pictures of it on every social media there is because PIGGIES!
We transformed into pigs and we had to sniff out truffles! Best quest ever. BACONTIME!
There is a lot to see in this game while leveling up and we are both having a lot of fun playing it together. But it makes for little time in other games. I haven't been able to log into WOW or FFXIV much (and I just resubbed) But that's okay, the games will be there.


But I did get a half hour in today playing some FFXIV while Eirik was still sleeping. And I finally got to enter the Gold Saucer. 

And I got so happy as soon as I entered, the music. Was the same music as in the old final fantasy game. And I played cards!! Was really fun. It looked like the same card-game that was in, was it 8 ? I can't remember if it was 8 or not. But fun non the less. 
It's a pretty simple game, you have a bunch of cards with number on them, and you place one card on the square at a time. Then it's the opponents time to put down a card. There is four numbers on the card, and you must have a higher number your card to flip that card over to your side. If you end up with more cards of your color then the opponent, you have won the match. Yeah yeah shit explanation but WHATEVAAH! So now I am going to become a card collector to become awesome at this card-game and create tons of different decks. Be ware of the awesome Missy decks *ehm*

So what else...

Well my mother called me on Monday, telling me she had bought an apartment. I didn't even know they were looking, but oh well. In one year she is moving, and selling the house. Which I understand, it will be easier for her and her husband to have an apartment, but I do feel a bit sad that the house is getting sold. As I have nothing from my childhood, since our house burned down 10-15 years ago, the house is what's been home for us. And when that is sold, there is nothing else. I have no items and things from when I was a kid, so at least I have had the house I lived in when I was a teen, but now that will be gone too. But I guess we will have memories, it's just that every thing that trigger memories for me now is gone. So yes I have been a bit sad about that, but in the end, it is best for my mom and her husband that they move and have and easier time with garden and upkeep of the apartment. So on Tuesday we went to visit them and looked at the plans for the new apartment, they both seemed very excited and I am happy for them. And it brought me out of the house heh...

Actually on Monday we were out as well. There was a vape shop that opened in town, so we went there and supported the dude opening it. Cause in this house we vape (e- cigarettes) We stopped smoking a year ago thanks to vaping, so now we don't get tons of tar in our lungs and we stopped smelling like shit :P

Yesterday we went and visited my brother and his fiance. We brought cake etc, and had coffee and talked for a while, and their one son was home as well. Was very nice to see them again, and get out of the house. They don't get out much either so they were just as happy to have company as we were to go visit them. 

Next Monday I have that consultation meeting with DPS. It was originally the 23th of March or somewhere around there but it got bumped up, probably because someone cancelled. I can't say I am looking forward to it. I know it's the right step, in the right direction, but that doesn't stop me from feeling scared and anxious about it. I know it's not scary, but my body still says it is and I can't control it. I can't wait until it's over. But it's only feelings, it's nothing dangerous and it will pass, as it always does. Hurrah!


  1. Ugh, I know how you feel about the house being sold. I finally left home at 22, because I got a teaching job in Japan, and while I was away my mum sold my childhood home! I was only gone for a year!

    I'm getting antsy about missing out on FFXIV, I have to wait until I get a new computer though which probably won't be until early May. But I want FF nowwwwwwwwww. :( At least the expansion should be out by then, right?

  2. I love this sentence - "We
    stopped smoking a year ago thanks to vaping, so now we don't get tons
    of tar in our lungs and we stopped smelling like shit :P"

    Good to see you get out of the house once in a while, and good luck with your meeting with DPS. We're selling our house too. We'll be sad to go, but won't mind too much.