Monday, 16 February 2015

Screenshot(s) of today !

I have seen a lot of people posts super short posts like this, so why can't I :)

Screenshot(s) of today! Missripley, what can I say... she likes to bathe.

Taking a bath in her Garrison

Look at the stars, Stormwind.


And last but not least.
What are you looking at, hmm?
Oh and by the way, yes I did change the look of the blog a bit. But undecided if it's going to stay like this. I feel maybe the page/blog might lag a bit when you have an image in the background. Let me know if it does, and I will just remove it.


  1. She is, she finally got that plate armor of, for once. Going to the beach is always cosy <3

  2. This just looks so wrong after all the objectification discussions of today :)

  3. Hehe well.. should be allowed to post pics of someone on the beach right. But yes I did think of that myself. But the post is up, its all in the eyea of the beholder on how you look at the screenshots. I see fun !