Monday, 9 February 2015

My drawing quest!

I have been drawing for a couple of days now, spamming Twitter with my not so awesome drawings.
But I am having a surprisingly good time with it.
I try to draw an hour a day, to get some practice in. Sometimes I look at comics, pocketbooks, and even YouTube to get some hints and tips.

But to become good at it, it takes loads and loads of practice. So this is going to take years. But since I am starting with small cute things, that does not need to many details, they won't take years to perfect. If I was going for realism on the other hand, well, years.....

It's also very fun to see others are embracing their artsy side as well, I have noticed there is a lot on Twitter and blogs that are having fun with drawing and painting like Brankin and J3w3l.

So those who follow me on Twitter have seen my little sketches. But not all of you are on Twitter, so I am sharing my "progress"  here as well.

Day 2

I try to do 2 drawings a day. And today I decided on some sort of Chibi- like creatures. As you can see I need a lot of practice, but at least you can see what I am trying to draw. The thing I struggle with the most, ( I struggle with a lot) is hair. I am to shaky with my hands, and not gotten the flow from the wrist to draw good hair yet.
But at least I drew a character with a body this time. I used some time on YouTube to get some tips and tricks this day.

Day 3

Well, this day I tried drawing from a pocket book, Hellsing. Seemed very difficult for me, and it was, but it does resemble him. I think copying something is a difficult thing, and creating something is way easier, as it is indeed your creation and can look like whatever you like.

Day 4

Today I went on to try and create something by myself. Using references obviously, to try and point out where I should place ears, horns or whatever. I attempted some dragon like creatures. one of them ended up looking like a mix of a snake and a dragon, but I am quite pleased with both of my dragons.
I think that when I get my drawing tablet (yes I am buying one soon) I can perfect them, and color them. I am very excited for that. Hopefully I will get some payment soon and I can afford one that doesn't cost to much. I really feel that this is one hobby I actually want to stick with. Especially since I think I am capable of getting decent at the kind of drawings I want to draw and that is manga styled / chibi styled avatars and small cute creatures. They don't need that much skills compared to realism :)

Anyways, thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to see if I can progress more with my drawing.


  1. Wow, you're good at this! I especially like the first Alucard and the cute Dragon! :D

  2. Cheers Joseph, kind of you to say ^^ I liked drawing Hellsing, think I at least got his expression right :D

  3. You are already way better than decent at those kinds of drawings, Missy! I think the main way you are going to get better is just being able to draw them faster and with less mistakes - the end product is already great. :)

  4. /Bow Thank you. I can't wait to get that drawing tablet :-)