Friday, 27 February 2015

Much random...

I've really been wanting to make a blog post today but, can't really come up with anything to write. But I have promised myself to post more regularly and since I didn't post anything yesterday I  can at least try to write something, even just a short post.

As I said, my work assessment money came through, and if nothing changes in terms of work and my anxiety, I will be safe financially until the end of the year. Which is a big relief. They will help me till December this year, and I can always reapply if I need to. But I hope it wont come to that.

I have spoiled my self a bit and bought some new clothes online. And hope they will arrive over the weekend. A few tops and stuff :-) I tried going to the mall to get something, but it was just stressful and didn't really find anything , so why not just try to shop online. Hopefully some of the stuff I bought will fit. I am very petite so getting small enough sizes is always an issue, which is the reason I don't really order online much.

Final Fantasy ARR

Today I have been enjoying playing some Final Fantasy ARR all lonesome. I have dinged level 19, but I am still doing the level 15 quests of doing the different dungeons you unlock in the main-story. I am leveling to fast! But I am really enjoying this, going through it again and really paying more attention to the story. It is really nice to watch those cinematic cut-scenes that the game has, in Japanese obviously. Way more emotional in Japanese then in English, and the voices are much better. I really recommend it.

I have tanked the first two dungeons, and it went very smoothly, no deaths or no nagging about my pace. I think I will have a good time going through the different dungeons as I continue to level.
A not so awesome drawing of my lalafell.
At around level 20, I think I can start the Chocobo-quest so I don't have to run around anymore. I still haven't gotten into the Gold Saucer yet, I hope I can get there soon, sooo want to test out the card game and see what else that place has to offer.

Guild Wars 2

To my surprise, Eirik wants to play GW2. Well, he has a friend who is currently playing it, and then Eirik suddenly wants to try it out too. So he is currently downloading it, so I am excited that we can finally try and play an mmo together. I think that might be fun, all though I am pretty sure it's not a game for him, who am I to refuse him to try. So I might spam some pictures of that again in the near future. I will have to start over again there too, and level another character so him and I can progress together. I got no clue as to what I should level this time. My bet is that Eirik goes for the necromancer, so I should find something that fits well with that, but so far I have no idea what that might be.

World of Warcraft

The patch came out, I checked my face on my paladin and I looked old. I didn't like the change to my face so I tested some other faces, and I can't really say that I found any I am happy about yet. 
The draenei I am happy with so far. I don't have any screenshots to show right now as I am on a laptop and no screenies here. 
The blood elf, oh what can I say ? While I love the new hair and the body is fine, I absolutely HATE the new faces, they are ugly. Some looks like they are anorectic, others just look way to grumpy and mad. I don't like them one bit. Good I play gnome and human at the moment, cause I think I will have an easier time finding a human face I like, rather then finding a blood elf face, yuck.

I haven't really looked into anything else when it comes to the new patch, I am not really that interested. Not even tried figuring out how to get the selfie cam, but I am sure I will eventually... cause... screenshots.


Right now I got nothing do to, Eirik is using the internet to download his game, which means I can't play any of my mmo's, our internet is too crap for that. So I am just sitting here, staring out into the air, bored. Maybe I will pick up a pen and try to draw something, but I am not feeling too well. I think we ate something bad yesterday because we are both feeling unwell here today, or that Subway we had 2 days ago was bad, something we ate has affected us anyways.
Was trying to take a picture but Eirik refused to move, so I guess he will get his photo on my blog today, lucky him.
Catch yall later ! Have a great weekend !


  1. You don't have to post screenshots here. You should be posting tweets and selfies from within the game. You know we all follow you. Anyway. Glad you're enjoying FFIV, and going to try GW2 again.

  2. Oh but I enjoy posting screenshots here, that's why I do it :P And my blog is a mix of gaming + real life, hence me also posting real life stuff. Cause I like to do so :)

    And thank you :D

  3. I hope he does get some enjoyment out of GW2 and doesn't regret picking it up. Maybe it'll be his gateway MMO. ;)

  4. I am so happy everything is going so well for you. Even your tone in your writing is very up beat and I like that.
    Your Eirik is very handsome and you both look so cute with each other. Its great that you'll game with him (I feel it will be funny cause our mindcraft was really funny).
    Good to hear things are going good ^_^

  5. He has played some mmo's before, like SWG, but after that he hasn't found any he likes. He seems to enjoy gw2 so far though.

  6. Thanks you, we are having fun so far. Sometimes I wish we did record it because some funny stuff happens from time to time that cracks us u :) Hope you are well !

  7. That's awesome that he's enjoying his time in GW2 so far. I hope he continues to enjoy it. :)