Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mind Blown! Ding!

When I wrote my blog yesterday I was in such a good mood, I was energetic and happy. It is very rare that I get the pleasure of having that energy coming to visits, so I actually started to write a second post yesterday, but... It fell short. But today, hopefully I can manage to get another post out.

Level 100... again!

I got up this morning and made my coffee, and had one goal. Reach level 100 on my paladin (4th 100). I was 10 minute away from dinging last night, but I didn't feel like starting another quest so I just left it there. So now I am going to log in, and get that ding, and come back to my post ! Be Right Back...*inserts elevator music*


Okay so it took more then ten minutes, I failed. I thought signing up for a BG would be a fun way of dinging, but of course we lost it. But a dungeon solved it!

You know, a bit offtopic, I just thought of something, I'm not sure I have thought of this before but I came to the realization that some people might actually be excited to read my blog?! That someone might actually be sitting there, hoping for me to post something. I have never really thought about that before and when thinking about it now I'm like "wow, mind blown"

It might not actually be the case but still, why haven't I thought of that before? Am I that thick in the head? Haha. What an awesome thought though, that brings me loads of joy. *Sits here and let it sink in*

Ok back to WoW heh.

Soon after I dinged 100, it was time to get that Garrison up to speed, I had saved up enough resources to level it to 3! Woop, my very own castle.

It's frikking huge, HUGE I tell you, I almost got lost in there, and I have my very own ghost. It is way bigger then the Horde Garrison "castle", horde house is a joke in comparison.

Blogger Error

Okey, this is really getting annoying, I have been trying to preview this post 10 times now, because yes I want to see how it looks like - duh.
And I just keep getting errors. Clearing cache etc has not worked. So my blog post might just look like a right mess right now. Why you doing this to me Blogger, why ? And sometimes when I try to click enter, nothing happens. I might end up having a mile of white space on my blog because I have spammed my enter button so much. I googled the issue and seems some other people have the problem too so it's not on my end. It's Google pulling our leg.

Wedding Bells.

I hear my friend Jaedia is getting married. How awesome is that ? 

Sadly I won't be able to attend that because... yes I am me. But I shall be there in spirit <3 I am just so happy for her, and the good news. If anyone in the world deserve something good, it is her.

I think I might call my blogpost there, because not being able to preview it is driving me INSANE!
I'll leave you with hunky Mr.Pitt.

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  1. Congrats on the new 100. And yes, the Alliance garrison is really nice. What level 3 buildings are you going for? I would recommend the Salvage Yard, Inn, Barn/Trading Post depending if you're interested in trapping Elites. Barracks and Dwarven Bunker.