Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Looks like the Mojo is returning!

Hey! I got my first letter today. From DPS (district psychology center) and I got a consultation appointment 24.March. It finally arrived. It's only a consultation though, and it's over a month until that day is here. So it's going to be even more waiting. Waiting for that appointment, then waiting to see what they will say after that. If I can get more help or not. Well, wheels are in motion, they are just turning really slow. I've gotten all this different papers with tons of things to write in them. Some I think I need to do myself and some that is mean to do with the psychiatrist. And he is a male at that, I never thought I would care if it was a male or a female, but when I saw his name I kinda jumped a bit. I guess, I actually feel more comfortable talking to women about this, more then I thought. That really took me by surprise.But that is fine, it's suppose to be challenging, so why not just make it as hard as it can be :P

Yet another header, and CHIBI!

So some small changes. I have changed my little avatar chibi, into a healer chibi. I felt the old one was a bit to dark and didn't fit my new shiny blog.I want to become a brighter person, and as I love healing in every single game, well MMO I play, a healer chibi is perfect!

I also decided to change my header as well. It might be a  bit boring or lacking, but I actually like it this way, it's simple!
So from now on you will see my brand new avatar, EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Mwahah, yes on twitter, anook, facebook, youtube. I has it everywhere mkaaai.

Also, commenting on blogger can be a bitch. I forgot to actually turn on Disqus yesterday. What I have found with blogger commenting is that you write your comment and as you press post, it vanishes. I think this is because your actually logging into your account. Often you don't see your name above the place you write your comment. It often just says Google or something. So the comment vanishes as you log in. What I have found that works is just to click back on your browers 2-3 times and you will get back to your comment and you can re-post it. But I have learned now to copy my comment before posting in case it goes missing. Cause yes, it is really annoying writing this super long comment and then *poff* it's gone. RAGE!

Hopefully Disqus does not have this issue.

I hope you like my new setup! I have actually gone so far as to delete everything on my old blog except the last post. I don't feel it is anything I need to save. It's an old chapter and it feels good to just move on. I mean of course it would be nice to go back and read how I was a year ago but, let's not dwell in the past. Let's move on to brighter pastures ! :D

Finished my first game!

I actually think it's the first game I have actually finished solo. First I have ever recorded all the way through and posted. I did finish Amnesia A machine for pigs, but I was so bored I decided not to actually post it. Brothers: A tale of two sons is finished. And I am so happy I managed to get through a whole game and record it at the same time. I would go as far to say that I am a bit proud :D This is the last video, but there is a link in the video to the first if you haven't seen it, and a playlist.

It's good to be back, even though I might not have that much to report. But the most important thing is that I am enjoying myself with the new blog, and very happy about finishing something.


I have decided to give it one more go. Eirik got his payment the other day so I could pay one subscription. I decided on Wildstar one last time. I decided on an Esper on dominion side.
Esper - Dominion - Wildstar

They have just had a patch and are going through some changes. The first thing that popped out to me was :
  • Quests from levels 6 through 49 have had their experience rewards increased by 15%.
  • There is a new level 10 dungeon called Protogames Academy that introduces players to group combat and serves as a tutorial for many of the mechanics players will encounter in later instances.
  • The group size has been reduced from 40 to 20 players (raids)
Leveling was the main issue for me, it felt long. While 15% isn't that much, I hope it's enough for me to notice.
The patchnotes was huge and I don't intent to write every single thing down here so I will just give you a link to the Wildstar forums if you are interested.

What I have noticed since I came back is that it feels pretty much dead while leveling up. I have found myself a leveling circle, but seeing other people around my level is rare. 
The pvp queue is dead. I was in queue for 2 hours maybe closer to 3 and it never popped up. How it will be for dungeons and adventures I don't know yet as I am not high enough to queue. But I have heard that queues for dps is even more horrible here then elsewhere. And dps queues are usually pretty long. Thank the lords I love healing !
But on the bright side, they are seeing an increase in people coming back. Probably because of the new patch, if they will stay on the other hand is the question.


  1. Yay, Missy's back on Blogger. So, Wildstar. Make sure to try and make tons and tons of gold so that you can buy CREDD and play without a subscription. Good luck.

  2. Yes we are now "neighbors" :P Making gold ? What's gold, lol I never have any money in any game! I will settle for managing to level to max level one day :P How is wow treating you, I saw you were on your billionth level 90 hehe

  3. He he. WoW is treating me very well. I have a new Master Plan for my 12 former 90s that you'll know about if you've visited my blog. I can't wait until they implement a CREDD like system, hopefully later this year.

  4. I'm happy for you honey. good news so far. the blog is nice and bright - I'll have to change mine soon too. Its a bit dark and i'm going to start posting more of my kuwaii, nerdy stuff. I'll keep an eye on you kisses and hugs

  5. I like simple. It's bolder and stands out much better. :)

    Glad to hear Wildstar have increased levelling exp.. that was the big thing that lead to me quitting. They haven't done enough to draw me back in, however. Maybe I'll see you in GW2 or FFXIV at some point! :D

  6. Yes probably in FFXIV, promised Kiba - a friend I would return for a bit when I got some more money to sub with ;)

  7. Thank you. It helps to remodel, makes you more into your blog again :) You should do it if you fancy :D

  8. Nice. <3 I'm mostly on Cactuar at the moment but still have my char on Odin as well. ^^

  9. Yeah the leveling and gearing of them all etc. It's a nice goal, gotta set some goals in mmo's :) Have they said that they will implement a credd like system ? Can't remember reading anything about that.

  10. Yeah I've noticed, I have a babby on Cactuar as well :) But Kiba and Steve is on Odin so that's most likely where I'll hang.

  11. I've not really been crossing paths with folk lately, stupid timezones. :p Sooo yeah.

  12. In their 'WoW in 2015 article' they said they were looking into it. Nothing confirmed, but we're all hopeful they'll get around to it in 2015.