Thursday, 19 February 2015

Gearing up, joyful ride.

Did somebody order a knuckle sandwich?
Some random achievement I got years ago!

So I dinged 100 as you may be aware of. And of course with that I obviously wanted to do the level 100 dungeons to gear for HC's.
Well my what a load of annoying shit that was, excuse my language. Wipe after wipe after wipe. I guess there is a lot of people who have never done these dungeons before that are attending them now, is WoD actually getting more subscribers again? 

Bosses taking forever to kill, meaning we die instead, people body pulling like mad leading to deaths. People running back from hell (death), pulling 6 packs of mobs, because they can't remember the way back. Rushing in on bosses without knowing tactics, not even getting the chance to explain. It was just a horrible and incredibly BORING experience. 

You know I pug a lot. And when I say a lot I mean A LOT! Because that's what I do, I run solo. And each time I come back to this game, the pug's become worse and worse. I get more surprised every time because I can't imagine that pugging can ever be any worse then it has been. But my my, WoW keeps on surprising. I think having worms crawling up my ass would be a better experience then these dungeon-runs. Sorry for that incredibly gross image there but YOU GOTTA KNOW HOW IT FELT!

Upper Blackrock Spire.

Thankfully after being an ass and abandoning 3 dungeon-runs (thank you for short queues as healer), I entered Upper Blackrock Spire. One of my favorites, both old version and new. We managed to actually complete this dungeon with not to much failure. A few deaths from a priest who had no idea what was going on, but hey, first time, and he said so.
And I got a few items, making me closer to the 610 ilvl I need for heroics. 

After that half a successful run I thought, well my bad luck is over! I can now get some good groups..........

Grimtail Depot.

Next dungeon was Grimtail Depot. That was a long run, I am not sure how long of a time we were in there, but longer then I would have wanted. First we wiped on the second pack, because well, tank wanted to pull all the mobs, and no one wanted to interrupt anything. That ended up with chainstuns and huge iron balls running over us, and what does that mean? Yes, yes you are right - DEATH! The reaper must have been very happy, getting souls so easy. 

At the first boss, two decided to be afk, so we had to 3 man it. We killed it, but it took forever. At the second boss we died, because people were just standing there killing adds, and not even trying to look at the boss, cannons or bombs. So I had to explain them the fight, but they didn't quite understand or listen, but in some way the boss ended up dead.

We had a warlock afk almost the whole run, he did show up for two of the bosses though, I am not sure how he managed to stay the whole run without anyone booting him. Guess he had some skills on how to leech. We died on the way to the 3rd boss because, well, mass-pulling of mobs, it was great fun, it really was.. no.. no it wasn't, I lied.

Human Paladin facial expression - WoW

Finally we arrived at the last boss and I said: Avoid ALL shit on the ground.
We engaged boss, and all 3 dps stood in the electricity till they had about 10% health left. I let one die horribly because, CMON!! He got a battleress, and died again, maybe he learned something. At least the boss died, as the two other dps learned to move, I applaud them.
I got some pants in the end, that's something.

All in all, I got a few items but totally not worth hours of healing people who don't even want to try. I am happy to explain tactics, I am happy to die over and over again IF people want to learn and hear tactics, but I am NOT happy to "drag" people through dungeons with no interest in actually playing or being apart of a group. 

Rant over... Maybe, we will see tomorrow ! 


  1. Yes, dungeons aren't really worth it. There are tons of other ways to gear up. Here's a guide I wrote. You might find it useful:

  2. That is really neat! Thank you :D I shall have a proper look tomorrow as I play \o/

  3. Allways here to help and lol this post was your most funny one yet, glad i wasn't on vent with you☺

  4. Hehe thank you. Kind of enjoyed showing the more aggressive side of my self :P

  5. I dunno what it is with WoW and pugs. It was the same deal in Pandaria and before that Cata. As time goes on either the people care less or god knows what but it get ever worst. And when it's not outright awful players then you get someone being offensive and calling people names all run long.

    Wish you lots of courage.

  6. There is indeed a lot of offensive trash going about as well, but for one reason I actually experienced none yesterday which is a bit shocking hah.
    But I have seen my share deal of stuff people manage to say, and sometimes I just sit there with my mouth open because I am so shocked at what they wish upon others, it's really awful stuff.